About me

 Hello world and welcome aboard to my series of blog!
I recently graduated from Valencia Community College in Central Florida  with my  associate's degree in computer science. Within completion of the degree I decided to start my journey in becoming a IT technician were I decided to hop in a Google IT certification course which has provided me with essentials skills to grow in the high-growth field of IT.  After two months, I aced the course which allowed me to start preparing for the CompTIA a+ in order to gain my industry standard certification for IT. Currently I'm still a college student who's  in the pathway of completing a Bachelor's degree on this major, which in this upcoming Fall 2023 semester I will be transferring to the University of Central Florida.

I am an expert in Cat6 color codes as well as a great team player. Familiar with CCTV technologies and hardware, as well as personal computers, servers, and similar technologies. Provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for cable systems and associated hardware. Installation of pathway systems, connecting hardware systems, knowledgeable with troubleshooting connections, upgrading current products, and providing customer support.

My journey in tech started when my Dad was partitioning a disk on the system BIOS and installed a Linux operating system to one of his PC. At the time the process for me was either a tedious one or a very confusing subject, however, that was the spark that got me into navigating windows filesystems and using a command line interpreter in order to install, configure, and remove software on the windows and Linux operating systems. Further down the rabbit hole, I started to code batch scripts which has expanding me to troubleshoot common issues in the IT world [ check out my blogs :) ]. 

This blog will follow my journey of obtaining my CompTIA a+ and other related industry certifications for IT with theory knowledge and labs for study purposes, but if you're in the middle of any related studies or certs, feel free to find and use any information that is valuable for your studies!